Ligia Mateiu

Research Associate

Ligia Mateiu


I provide bioinformatics support for CMN, VIB and UA. My main task is the analysis of RNA sequencing data coming from any of the research groups. Together with Mojca Strazisar, I provide informative choices for RNA-seq experiments to find the most optimal transcriptome profiling project specific solutions. I am responsible for setting up the analysis pipeline to process raw instrument output and conduct downstream bioinformatics analysis (i.e. data quality control, mapping to reference genomes, gene expression quantification, differential gene expression analysis, gene co-expression, RNAseq variants, custom analysis). I keep updated on relevant scientific literature and product updates to help improve RNA-seq data analysis methods. I support preparation of manuscripts and funding applications.

More recently, I've been working on developing methods for the analysis of high content screening data and the processing of long-reads obtained with ONT technology. I had also occasional projects that studied alternative splicing, 3’UTR lengths, e- and s-QTLs or translation process via ribo-seq.

As part of the Bioinformatics team, I follow up on the targeted resequencing experiments and I am tangentially involved in the data management projects for the center. 

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  • Bioinformatics

  • RNA sequencing

  • gene expression

  • alternative splicing

  • data analysis

  • long reads

  • NGS data processing