Katrien Spaas

Lab technician, Sanger sequencing and microscopy support

Katrien Spaas



I joined the Genomic Service Facility in 2016. As part of the Neuromics Support Facility, we provide our services to the Center, such as purifying sequencing plates, loading orders on the 3730XL DNA Analyzer, providing products, giving information and mycoplasma testing. Next to the inhouse service, I process orders for external cliënts, such as VIB/universities/industry. These are mostly Sanger sequencing and genotyping services. Since 2018, I assist at our Histology and Cellular Imaging unit with microscopy projects.


Relevant expertise

• DNA techniques

     ◦ DNA extraction from blood

     ◦ Quality control (NanoDrop, Qubit, BioAnalyzer, DropSense)

     ◦ PCR

     ◦ Sanger Sequencing

     ◦ Fragment Analysis

     ◦ Plasmid extraction (CosMCprep)

• Mycoplasma testing

• Automatization

     ◦ Beckman Coulter Biomek Nx(P)

     ◦ ABI 3730XL DNA Analyzer - operation and maintenance

• Customer care

• Programs

     ◦ CLC Bio

     ◦ LIMS systems

     ◦ Microsoft Office

• Histology and cellular imaging

     ◦ Microscopy

     ◦ Cell culture

     ◦ Immunocytochemistry

     ◦ Immunohistochemistry

     ◦ Iterative Indirect Immunofluorescence Imaging (4i)

     ◦ Embedding tissue

     ◦ Sectioning with microtome

     ◦ Expansion microscopy



  • Sanger sequencing

  • Automatisation

  • High throughput

  • DNA sequencing

  • Quality control

  • PCR

  • Microscopy

  • Histology

  • Cell culture

  • ICC

  • IHC

  • 4i

  • Microtome

  • Expansion Microscopy