Samuël Sluijs

Operational Technologist, Safety/Maintenance Officer, Central Lab Manager

+32 (3) 265.1108
Samuël Sluijs


In 1997 I joined the group of Molecular Genetics as a lab technician in the Manic Affective Disorder Research group. After 3 years, we started to centralize all high tech equipment to one single group of dedicated users. This was the base of a Core Facility which evolved in 2015 in Neuromics Support Facility (NSF). NSF is providing scientific and technical support to our Center, VIB and other academia, industrial and commercial clients.

My focus within the NSF is to provide high quality Sanger sequencing and genotyping services on ABI’s 3730XL platforms for a variety of applications including quality control, customer support and administration.  For the last 20 years I sequence as if it was for myself - and all of this, in Belgium.

All processes in the Service Facility are highly automated by use of robotic platforms (Biomek NxP, FxP) and Laboratory Information Management Systems.

Within CMN, I am responsible for daily operations and general safety, prevention, well-being and lab managing. As a Prevention Advisor, I am in direct contact with the Technical Office of UAntwerpen and Prevention Office UAntwerpen and VIB to assure our center is following most recent legislation and recommendations in safety and wellbeing in research.


  • Sanger Sequencing

  • Automatization

  • Biosafety

  • Wellbeing

  • Maintenance

  • Logistics

  • NGS

  • Prevention

  • Infrastructure

  • Lab managing