Neuromics Support Facility (NSF) is a competence centre within CMN with a high impact expertise in sequencing technologies, data analysis, bioinformatics and imaging. We maintain state-of-the-art, reliable, efficient and flexible support to the main research activities of the CMN. As a support facility, our responsibility is to explore the latest technologies and propose most suitable solutions for CMN research. We develop methods, protocols and workflows needed to optimally exploit platforms we have in-house and establish working collaborations in order to provide access to the platforms and technologies that are not directly available. By having a technology support focused unit integrated within CMN, research groups have a direct access to up-to-date tools that allow their scientific ideas to be explored, which has a proven track record in KPI, such as publications, tech-transfer and education.

dr. Mojca Strazisar

With fast evolving technology in science, one of most important needs in CMN is to have an access to latest, high quality technological expertise, while retaining important know-how that could normally be lost due to employee migration. NSF members help with project design, execution and data analysis and interpretation mainly in the fields of genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, and imaging. As the technology is one of the main bases of a good research strategy, it is important that CMN scientists and researchers have an easy access to and comprehensive understanding of technological advances and platforms on offer. CMN established NSF in order to retain the expertise, to integrate the technological aspects of research strategies in an organized way and to maintain continuity in support to CMN research.

Focal point of NSF is to support CMN researchers and scientists utilizing basic genetic and more advanced –omics and imaging technologies and expertise to optimally follow the strategic plan of CMN, functionally organized around several research themes, specifically;