Tim Meese

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Tim is a bioinformatician who likes biostatistics. He discovered his passion for biochemistry as a lab technician intern, where he got a taste of scientific research. He then pursued a degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology but switched to Bioinformatics for his master’s degree at Ghent University.

Tim learned how to use statistical methods and tools to analyze biological data and answer research questions. He also developed skills in programming languages such as R and Python.

After graduating, he worked on a Ph.D. project that involved providing bioinformatics support to researchers from different disciplines. He gained valuable experience in data management, analysis, visualization, interpretation, and communication. To deepen his knowledge of biostatistics further, he completed an additional master’s degree in statistical data analysis.

In his current role as a bioinformatician, Tim uses his skills and knowledge of both bioinformatics and biostatistics to help researchers with their data needs. He also enjoys learning more about the underlying biology of different research topics and contributing to advancing scientific knowledge.