Kristel Sleegers

Full Professor UAntwerp, Expert Scientist VIB

Kristel Sleegers


I have a background in medicine and close to 20 years of experience in genetic epidemiology and biostatistics, and I am committed to increase insight in the complex genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and investigate the translational potential of genetic discovery. I introduced this expertise to the UAntwerp-VIB Center for Molecular Neurology (VIB CMN) in 2004 when I joined the research group of Prof. Dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven as a visiting postdoc, and extended this line of research during a postdoctoral fellowship of the Research Foundation Flanders. In 2007 I became Staff Scientist and Team Leader for complex genetic Alzheimer research at VIB CMN. In 2017 I received tenure as full time Associate Professor Genetic Neuroepidemiology, in January 2020 I was appointed as Full Professor. As of July 2020, I have been appointed Expert Scientist at VIB CMN, leading the lab of complex genetics of Alzheimer's disease, and strenghtening the science at VIB CMN through my expertise in complex genetics and biostatistics. 


  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Dementia

  • Genetic Epidemiology

  • Complex Genetics

  • WGS

  • WES

  • targeted DNA/RNA sequencing

  • transcriptomics

  • long-read sequencing

  • GWAS

  • rare variants

  • copy number variation

  • structural variation

  • repeat

  • alternative splicing

  • ABCA7

  • EADB